Digital Signage Software Dynamic Advertising Tool

Digital Signage Software Dynamic Advertising Tool

In today’s hyper-competitive market each retailer must grow revenue and market share alongside customer satisfaction. Retailers are using new technologies like digital signage to retain and improve customers satisfaction. Retailers not only provide additional value by facilitating their customers through several messages displayed on this signage but also generate additional revenues by running branded advertisements for companies and organizations. The static pop-up is now a thing of the past.


Digital signage is being placed in-store, showcasing product information, new arrivals, offers, clearance sales and knowledge about the supply of products alongside their location. Huge display screen screens grab comparatively more attention than other sources, influence customers and are a way of bringing in additional revenue and improving customer satisfaction.


Communication is the key to any organisation’s success. However, in today’s fast-moving market it becomes a bit cumbersome and tedious for a corporate to inform every employee with key

information at a go. One reason could also be that each one of the workers doesn’t have email ids like in-floor shops, back offices or branch offices spread geographically.


The organisation can update its employees based in any country, in any location with the latest internal news; can welcome the new joiners, keep the entire employee force abreast with the latest HR policies, transfers of employees, etc. The organisation can even broadcast live internal events like sports and indoor games simultaneously. Using Digital Signage software, these updates and information can also be displayed on various screens like LCD or plasma screens. Digital signage also helps in assisting visitors in accessing a facility’s way-finder, utility area and other important information. Digital signage can also be used to display the company profile, core values and areas of expertise. The third-party feeds like news, weather, stock exchange updates, financial news, etc., are added advantages for workers and visitors alike.


The Importance of Digital Signage within the Transportation Sector:

Digital signage allows you to place real-time data on digital screens (LCD/ Plasma) fixed at the departure or arrival areas of airports, railway and bus terminals. Passengers are often updated with the present schedules in a stimulating manner, instead of the boring numeric being currently used. Digital signage can be used to display useful information that a passenger would really like to understand – trip delays, news, sports coverage, stock exchange updates, currency rates, safety information, world clock and weather. All this can be displayed simultaneously. Interactive kiosks or touch screens make it easy for travellers to purchase tickets, check-in and locate where to board planes, trains, and buses and tourism info centres.


Digital signage can delight customers by displaying their menu, alongside their ingredients and calorie counts, price and therefore the waiting time outside their premises. This could help the customer in deciding his/her order once she looks at the menu thereby leading to the higher TRT (turn around time) resulting in more revenue. Inside the restaurant beside the menu, entertaining videos, news, stocks etc can be displayed for customers.


Digital signage is ideal for retail banking because it lets you deliver personalised information to individuals critical to the success of retail banking. It can also be used to display messages from the bank’s board of directors or head appreciating and thanking customers for their loyalty towards the bank. Display screens fixed at waiting areas informs the customer about the present offers and services for various categories and testimonials alongside tickers, live news feeds and stock data making his wait more entertaining. Further, the head office can use digital signage technology to communicate with other branches simultaneously at a pre-defined time for all internal communication.

Digital signage can play a big role in making your guests stay memorable, e.g. Screen at the reception desk, counters, can be used to display different time zones of various countries dynamically which could be a clock showing IST(Indian Standard Time) can have a background of the Taj Mahal and after predefined time, it can show London time with a video of London or a hotel logo as the background, weather conditions can also be added in multiple numbers, here imagination has no end. Likewise in the lobby area, a screen can be used to display facilities and amenities available within the hotel like today’s function, today’s top menu etc. to facilitate customers and guests. This can also help your guests locate their rooms, what’s in the kitchen menu, type and time of restaurants, bar, restroom and other amenities etc. at the touch of their fingertip along with the tourist’s places located in the city, entertainment venues and prominent market in interactive kiosk mode.


Optix Limited an indigenous ICT company in Lagos Nigeria with proven track records in the field of ICT and Network infrastructure brings to you our access digital signage solution called O-Sign. O-sign cloud access digital signage helps Share your data dashboards, with real-time analytics. Manage your meeting and conference rooms with synchronised calendars.

Deploy digital screens in recreational areas to entertain and educate and inform employees


O-Sign cloud access digital solutions have the following can be used in various cases;

  • Display Dashboards: Important metrics help employees align with the corporate core values and ethics
  • Communicate Alerts: Display helpful information like weather & traffic updates, company news, upcoming events, company’s vision and mission statements e.t.c
  • Social Engagement: Display social media feed from various handles, like twitter-wall or Instagram feed
  • Staff Training: Train your staff and display reminders of health-code regulations.
  • Customer engagement: Keep customers informed and entertained while waiting at receptions.
  • Generate revenue: Run customised adverts for clients on the same platform.


Aside O-Sign cloud access digital signage numerous features, there are several benefits of using O-Sign cloud access digital signage by Optix Limited, such as;

  • Improve productivity by 20 – 25% by having employees aligned with corporate KPIs.
  • Increase employee motivation, recognising their performance with leaderboards and awards.
  • Manage meeting spaces with digital signage.
  • Drive employees interaction and engagement with social media widgets.
  • Reduce workplace injuries by 20% by reminding employees of workplace safety regulations through digital display screens.
  • Show more content than traditional boards.
  • Impress business partners and associates with a tech-driven approach in interior designs and communications.
  • Grabs visitors attention on organisation products while waiting at reception lounges