Offsite Data Storage or Online Storage, Which is Best Suited for a Company?

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Offsite Data Storage or Online Storage, Which is Best Suited for a Company?

Most organizations think that backing up to an offsite environment is the same solution as moving files to an online storage system. If you want to know what the differences are, please read on so you will be informed.

Online file storage is a means for moving your digital documents and projects off your computer via the internet to a remote storage facility, so you can access them from anywhere, share them with friends. Online file storage works by giving thousands of people storage space on large internet servers. This storage space is basically used as an extension to your local storage.

A typical example of use would be anybody who has data such as MP3, MPG, JPEG files who would wish to store these data remotely in case of hard drive failure or loss and may also wish to share these files with other individuals. Please note that this form of data storage is for file data only and require manual transfer via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). This type of online storage is ideal for a home user looking to secure and store data offsite.

Offsite data storage is a commercial offering, used by large corporate organizations that can afford high bandwidth connections ensuring their data is backed up to third party locations with the highest emphasis placed upon security. As the cost of internet connectivity has reduced, offsite secure backup services have become more readily available to smaller businesses. I am sure if a company, business or organization were to lose data, it would not know who its customers are, who owes money to whom, therefore creating many more challenges than a home user losing their MP3 collection would face.

Offsite Data Storage - Optix LimitedIt is not just about moving file data to a remote location, there are many other factors a company or organization has to consider, such as:

What type of data has to be backed up? Most companies will have a database in one form or the other such as, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle or Lotus Notes which might be running 24 hours a day. A backup solution must contain agents for backing up the databases in question whilst the database is running and must support multiple operating systems, such as Windows, Novel, Linux and Unix etc.

Securing data to be backed up is a very sensitive process and you would certainly not wish to share this data. Before any data is backed up it should be encrypted to the highest levels possible. Your data must be stored in its encrypted state, ensuring only you or authorized personnel have access to it.

Data Backup can sometimes require a large manpower overhead, so your offsite solution must be totally automated requiring no human intervention.

The hardware must be as dedicated for backup and resilience as possible with no single point of failure and then for good measure this whole infrastructure must be replicated in real-time to a second data center.

All the above factors will ensure your business data is backed up safely and available for restoration regardless of any form of data disaster.

In summary, online storage is okay and suitable for home users storing simple files like MP3, Video and file data. Offsite data backup is essential and a must use for businesses especially big enterprises and conglomerates