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We provide world-class system integration solutions that increase the overall efficiency of your organization.

Flexible Solutions

We offer system integrations across all sectors, e.g. Oil & Gas, Financial institutions and so on.

Premium Support

Enjoy fast responses and personalized help from our experienced support team.

Partner With Optix Limited, We Offer Only The Best System Integration Solutions.

We offer robust, and efficient ICT system integration solution in major industries, ranging from Oil & Gas, Financial institutions, Education, Real Estate, Manufacturing and so on.


We offer cutting edge system integration solutions and in-depth support through our integrated core services. At Optix Limited, we are committed to your success because it's what drives our success.

In a highly competitive industry with ever-changing technology, the way we do business is consistently improving and evolving. That's why you need a dedicated team to become part of your business to support the system integration solutions we provide with our services.

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Optix Team Provide Customized Solutions Based on Established Research Methods.

Our ICT Services and System Integrations has been proven over the years to increase productivity by 60%.

Who We Are

We are leading ICT system integration and building services company. We provide solutions to suit the specific needs of our various clients.

We believe in the quality of hours over quantity of hours, and know which tools produce great results. Our team always have the best tools available, so that our clients benefit from the productivity multiplier and take home the maximum ROI.

“They are always very responsive and quick to address any concerns we might have. They are willing to go the extra mile to make every situation right.”

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    We’re proud to offer our services to a wide variety of clients, including government agencies, private enterprises, and numerous clients in the health, education fields and so on.


    Thanks to numerous excellent relationships with a variety of vendors and manufacturers, we’re able to provide cost-effective and robust solutions with the help of trusted partners.

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