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Environmental Monitoring & Device Solution

Environmental monitoring improves visibility, reduces costs, and gives you control.

Environmental Monitoring Solution

Environmental Monitoring and Device Solutions

Environmental Monitoring Solutions (EMS), monitors environmental factors like light, sound, temperature, humidity, power, water leakage, airflow, smoke and much more with its sensor nodes. It keeps detailed records of those factors with live video streaming using a high-quality camera.  Environmental Monitoring Solutions display useful information on the software interface, which gives the operator/user a one-stop dashboard with an alarming facility in an abnormal condition.

Environmental Monitoring Solutions prevents calamitous situations resulting from climate and power-related issues within a monitored environment, this can reduce revenue loss, save guard reputations and prevent life-threatening accidents. Environmental Monitoring System best suits the Building Management System, Monitoring data centre/IT, telecom, healthcare and food storage Industry.

Environmental Monitoring Solutions - Optix LimitedWith our sound level environmental monitoring device, one can be notified if an audible alarm goes off, and one can as well remotely listen in, via the Host unit, to the server room to assess the situation at any time. Alert can also be sent to the recipient via e-mail, or SMS and phone calls notifying the recipient of the status of the monitored environment.

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